This one-time live nano-class will focus on recognizing where negative thinking begins and the one strategy to use to begin to overcome it!

Yes, I said one strategy because none of us need to make our lives more complicated.

3 things you’ll discover in this nano-class

  • Where negative thinking & lies come from
  • Identify the words & phrases that are stuck on repeat in your mind
  • How to take action and be free

Will this class help me?

  • Do you struggle with imposter syndrome?
  • Do you feel like you can never do enough?
  • Do your past experiences have a negative influence on your present life?
  • Do others’ opinions cause you to question your abilities, beliefs, or life decisions?

Were you nodding as you read, realizing you are not alone and want this way of thinking to stop?
Then this nano-class is for you!

I can’t wait to see you.

Webinar FAQs

Is this class live?
Yes, it is!
Will I be able to ask questions?
Yes, you can use the chat box or unmute during the question/answer time.
How is this different from a live event on Facebook or Instagram?
You will have the opportunity to interact with the presenter (that would be me, Deanna) in real-time.
Will a recording be available?
The presentation will be recorded, but if you are present live, I have a special gift for you.
Will people see me on the webinar?
During the presentation, all participants’ videos will be off and audio muted. Once the recording stops, you will have the option of using your video and audio.
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