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Do you long to know more about your faith? Do you want to learn the truth, beauty and goodness of Catholicism and how to apply it to your life? Do you like learning but want things to be explained in a straightforward way?

You are in the right place.

Live Not Lukewarm was created for you, a person who wants to know more, has questions and wants answers spoken clearly and simply. Through Bible studies, courses, retreats, Sunday Scripture reflections, study guides and images to download book clubs and private discussion groups we will look for and find the treasures of our faith. The treasures that will help you live your life as a Not Lukewarm Catholic.

What’s Going On Now

Gospel of Luke
Advent Book Club
 Wednesdays, December 1 and 15 at 7:30 PM (EST)
scripture challenge
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What else do you offer?

Bible Studies via Zoom

The presentation segment is recorded so it can be viewed if you miss the live session. After the presentation, there is a time for discussion based on the questions provided and participants interest. The group has an opportunity to interact with other.

Sunday Scripture Reflection

Study guides with questions are provided as well as an outline for each session. Includes an audio reflection, questions for discussion/reflection based on the readings and prayer prompts to help you live out your faith.

Interactive Book Clubs

Book clubs are interactive and typically do not have a presentation. Book clubs are your time to read and discuss books you might not otherwise consider or have always meant to read. Grab your book, beverage of choice and join us.

Virtual Retreats

Retreats during Lent, Ordinary Time, and Christmas seasons to deepen your faith.

Discussion Groups

Periodic discussion groups on a relevant topic to your life and walk of faith.

And More!

We’re always thinking about what’s next. Contact us if you have ideas about what you’d like to see!


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On-Demand Courses

Past courses are accessible to members at any time.
You can also buy individual courses from our shop.

St. Paul's Letter to the Romans

St. Paul wrote this letter circa 57-58 AD to the house churches in Rome. He wants to teach about the doctrine of justification by faith and the divine plan for redemption.

The Book of Acts

A peek into the early Church.

The Gospel of Mark

It is the shortest gospel, with 16 chapters. It opens with John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism, not an infancy narrative. Jesus begins his ministry with healing and driving out demons. His words are shown to have power. He then moves out, toward Jerusalem, where he makes the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Grounded in God's Grace

A series of webinars to focus on building a personal treasure trove of grace reminders to keep with us, refer to, pray with and read when we need a spiritual boost.

Inspired for Freedom

A webinar that reminds us of who created us and that we are made for greatness.

Called to Abundance

A webinar that reminds us of who created us and that we are made for greatness.


I really learned a lot through your studies of the Acts of the Apostles and the Letter of St Paul to the Romans!  You made St. Paul’s words easier to understand with the background information you shared.  Your reflections on the words helped the development of my faith after the group discussions and questions.

Christina C.

Deanna, your Bible studies and reflections on the weekly readings have added so much to my spiritual growth and wellbeing.  I love sharing our love for our Lord and his word.

Marti P.

The studies that I have participated in during this time of distancing have allowed me to be in community. Deanna has led us in our study and development with genuine care and concern. She has created a safe and encouraging environment, as we grow and learn together.

Deanna V.

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