Living Not Lukewarm

What does it mean to live not lukewarm? For me, it is not only a religious or spiritual life goal but the way I want to live every day. This can be difficult because there are times when life throws us many curveballs. It is in those moments though, that we can turn to our faith, in particular to scripture or prayer, and lean into the truth we find there. The truth is that while life is not always perfect, we are called to our best.

What’s been helpful lately?

Reading Finding Sanctuary by Jennifer Hubbard and discussing it in our book club. (you can still join us if you’d like)

The biggest takeaways this week: Don’t ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit; call your friend, offer to help in some concrete way and Do the next thing; you don’t need to do all the things, just the one, and then the next and then the next, and so on!

My interview with Erin McCole Cupp about her new book, All Things New, launching today!

Reading the daily Mass readings, every day I start my day this way. It helps keep me focused and grounded in the Word.

Making plans for summer. Today is the deacon husband’s last day of school (for this year) and we are celebrating by hosting our 3 grandchildren for camp all next week.

Moving Forward

I came upon this great new site, Equipt.equipt

Equipt is a book summary platform that offers summaries of the most relevant books in leadership, Christian formation, and spiritual growth through the lens of Christian Discipleship. How many books on the faith did you read last year? Imagine getting the best content out of these books in a fraction of the time with action items for you clearly defined. The best part is that this all takes place on a platform that builds community. So you get to journey together with other Catholic disciples seeking to live out the faith in a world that often stands against it. There’s a ton more that Equipt offers, like audio format of the book summaries, and a video series. Check it out at Equipt! 

We’ve already joined and can’t wait to dig in.

What about you?

What has been helping you live not lukewarm this week? Tell us in the comments, it can help someone else!

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