Have I ever mentioned that I love to read? As a child, I could sit almost anywhere, block out all the noise of my family, and be transported to another place. As an adult, I do the same. In fact, if I am reading, you have to get my attention before speaking to me if you want a response. But if I’m watching tv, I’m not ever as focused. My idea of a restful vacation, as opposed to a travel vacation, is the beach with books. Walk and sun in the morning, read all afternoon, dinner out in the evening. That would be lovely!

Book List

Atomic Habits by James Clear: I have already read this, loved it so much I bought a copy for us and my children! Great information presented in a very approachable way, not overbearing at all And as of this writing, on sale! (no idea how long that will last)



Are you looking for a way to pray more deeply? Have you heard of contemplative prayer but need some guidance on how to begin? Look no further, Imagine You Walked With Jesus; A Guide to Ignatian Contemplative Prayer by Jerry Windley-Daoust is the right book for you. I interviewed Jerry on my podcast and we did a sample reading and praying together.

This next book is just out and geared mainly to women, Rachel Balducci’s newest book, No Such Thing as Ordinary. It is the antidote to the idea that we must look for ways to serve God, outside of our ordinary life.

Are you a fan of our Blessed Mother and the Rosary? You’ll love Maria Gallagher’s book, Joyful Encounters with Mary. Maria tells many stories about her experiences and others’ about how Mary is found in daily life using the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary as a way to find joy in all that life offers us. Maria and I also chatted on the NotLukewarm Podcast.


Have you ever wondered how to live a life fully present to God, in love with Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit? No, only me? If you are looking at a fresh perspective on Interior Freedom, this book by Fr. Jacques Phille is a must read. Learn how within us, there is a freedom that no one can take from us because it is God who dwells in us.


Looking for some fiction? How about a romance where you don’t need to skip pages because you’d rather not read all of that sort of thing? Stay with Me by Carolyn Astfalk tells the story of a couple in need of healing form past wounds, to forgive others and learn to love each other well.



Drop a comment with what you are reading this summer.

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